Stair Systems

A cost-effective precast, prestressed concrete Stair, Ramp and Walkway System.


Suitable for internal and external use in the domestic, industrial, commercial, and recreational environments.

Our product is made of highly durable pre-stressed concrete, yielding a service life of 3-5 times that of timber and greatly reduced maintenance costs.

Simple onsite assembly, savings in construction time. It does not require shuttering, or propping for special reinforcing, design and fixing. We deliver pre-cast concrete components to the site which are simply assembled and require little finishing.

The elements are precast and pre-stressed providing for lighter concrete sections. Together with simple on-site erection procedures. The innovative stair system results in savings of up to 30% over conventional in-situ concrete staircases and instant access.

An eco-friendly, long lasting solution to the construction of pedestrian beach accesses, board walks, jetties, garden staircases, ramps and golf course walkways.


Staircases present many problems. Floor to floor heights vary as do riser and tread dimensions. Winstep addresses all these problems effectively, bringing to the site, precast concrete components, stringer beams and treads that are simply and quickly assembled and require no further finishing except paint, carpet or floor tiles.

The same range of Winstep components may be used to create concrete walkways, ramps, access walkways, and bridges.

Winstep is suitable for both internal and external use in the industrial, commercial, recreational and domestic environments and is available in either open or closed (riser) alternatives.

Terraforce 4 x 4 Step Blocks

Create seating and stairs with the 4 x 4 retaining blocks.

Aimed at providing economical, comfortable and practical seating arrangements at leisure amenities and school sports facilities.

The multi 4×4 step block is a light, dry-stack concrete unit, generally used for constructing low terrace walls, stairs and seating arrangements.

The 4×4 multi step block has a unique design that allows you to simply stack up the units without mortar, and the corner interlock gently handles convex and concave curves. The wall angle can vary from vertical to shallow slopes, and steps can be created by turning the block on its side.


Stairs can be supplied for both right-hand and left-hand turning stairs. Stair widths are 900mm measured from tread end to post-centre. Treads allow for the construction of a square spiral stair between floors and several variants of straight and winder flights can be configured.

The compact stair system may be assembled in a number of different designs from a set of nine reinforced concrete precast elements. These elements are fixed together with threaded rod through a central core. Individual elements are also glued together with epoxy adhesive the create unitary structure.

Complies with the South African National Building regulations.